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Date: 11th July 2018
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Standard flag is also named as corporate flag;Our imported digital printing equipment will solve all the problems of high cost,Website:, high finished product price and cumbersome production process. With advanced imported equipment and mechanized production, we can directly apply landscapes, figures, designs, polyester fabrics, sateen cloth, satin, oxford cloth and canvas, etc. This is characterized by high precision, dot free, environmental protection, waterproof, ultraviolet resistance, bright and lasting color. Meanwhile, the pictures can be sprayed on cloth without transfer or high-temperature furnace, which saves costs and earns time for our customers.transfer processing: through the primary processing of the heat transfer machine (pressurizing and heating), the fine patterns on the printing film can be transferred to the product surface. After molding, the ink layer is integrated with the surface of product, vivid and eye-catching."
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